To my friend

First, I want to say congratulations.


Second, I want to say I’m sorry.

I didn’t react to the announcement today as well as I would have liked. The truth is, I’m a touch more selfish than I’d like to admit. You are a great person, an even better coworker, and my friend. I don’t use this word when I describe many people. Friend. If you think of socializing like a battery, mine is just about completely drained when I’m at work. Acquaintances away from the office, or people I know from my past wouldn’t recognize the person that blossoms when I’m at work.

There are three, somewhat small sets of people who see this side of me: family, a few close friends, and my coworkers.

I’ve analyzed myself for years, but I won’t do it now – you’d probably do it better anyway ;-)

I only say this to explain my reaction today – at least in part. I know you’re not going far. I know you’ll only be around the corner, on the other side of a door. But sometimes the door seems like more of a barrier than a door, blocking off the rest of the office – from both directions. It shouldn’t, and it’s as much my fault (or more) as anyone’s. It’s something I’ll have to work on. The crux is: my friend is moving to the other side of the door… the barrier that shouldn’t be.

I know enjoying what we do at work is EXTREMELY important. That’s not to say I’m accusing you of not enjoying The Team, but rather I understand we all have to follow our own path to happiness and fulfillment.

I certainly couldn’t hold doing so against my friend.