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Rev John M Rice

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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
George Rice 02 Nov 1798 Magdelena Ickes 05 Jul 1799

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 22 Feb 1839 Sandy Hill, Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 16 Sep 1862 Saint James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania, United States
Occupation Lutheran Minister
Formal Education Gettysburg College (1860), Gettysburg Theological Seminary (1862)
Death 07 Dec 1918 East Stroudsburg, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, United States
Burial Prospect Cemetery, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States


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These are snippets taken from stories passed down from various family members, as well as his personal journal, and a few of my own thoughts.

I've learned little of John's early life, but records show he graduated Gettysburg College 1860. He subsequently graduated from the Gettysburg Theological Seminary in 1862, being ordained as a minister in 1864. According to the seminary, he served on it's board of directors 1874, and (presumably) later as it's director - although no date is given.

John wrote briefly in his journal about attending the Battlefield commemoration at Gettysburg, but never mentioned the president being there, nor his famous address. My aunt gave me a copy of the journal he kept, which was transcribed by a family member (and several copies made).

John and his wife went to Africa as a missionary from 1864-1865. In his journal he wrote about a trip alternating with debilitating sickness and life changing joy. Yellow Fever eventually cut the trip short and they returned in time to hear grave news passed from another boat crossing the Atlantic. Lincoln had been shot and was dead.

I have vivid memories from childhood sleeping in his old rope bed, when we went to visit grandma and grandpa Kauffman in Altoona, PA. My grandmother told his stories with admiration and a bit of awe, and I recall lying awake in his bed sharing her sense of awe. When my grandmother moved from her home in Altoona to an assisted living facility, John's bed went to stay with my aunt. In 2009, my aunt moved from her house into a condo and offered my wife and I the bed, which we had shipped down to FL from PA.

His old rope bed sits in our large family room, and to this day I sleep in it sometimes when poor sleep strikes. As you might guess, I think of him often. As much as any other ancestor, I wish I could pluck him from history to have a chat. I'd thank him for the positive influence that has reached through time and help shaped my life.@S84@@S17@@S29@@S94@@S17@@S94@
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1850 US Federal Census,
Madison Twp. Perry Co. PA
Was living in Woodbury, Bedford Co, PA in 1880
Was living in East Stroudsburg Boro, Monroe Co, PA in 1910
Was living in Hemlock, Columbia, Pennsylvania in 1870
Shared internet records indicate he had lived in Shippensburg (Cumberland Co) PA for a time (not given).



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History of the Gettysburg Seminary

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Rev John Rice