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Nicholas Ickes

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Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Michael Ickes 1741 Alice Mary Koplin 1747

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 01 Oct 1764 Limericktown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 1785 Montgomery, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 1797 Ickesburg, Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 25 Mar 1848 Ickesburg, Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States
Burial Emanuel Lutheran and Reformed, Saville Cemetery (Buffalo Cemetery), Ickesburg, Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States


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1) Posted by: Barb Date: January 23, 2000

I have copies of Nicholas' pension application papers. He served as a
substitute for George Evans under Colonel Anthony Bitting and Captain John
Missimer. At that time he resided in Limerick Twp., Philadelphia (now
Montgomery) County. He enlisted about Sept. 1781 (he was age 17 on Oct. 1, 1781). He marched from Kreps Tavern, Philadelphia Co. (I could not find out where Kreps Tavern was) to Uniontown, Bucks County where he was stationed in the garrison and performed the duties of a soldier. Served about two months. This info from his pension file. His application for pension was rejected because he had not served 6 months. His obit says "At the age of sixteen he served a short time in the Revolutionary war under Washington". Rumor had it he had run away to join the troops - this cannot be verified.
2) Posted by: Joy Denison Date: September 10, 2000

My dad, Bill Ickes, had the answer to my question all along. He had a hand written history of Nicholas Ickes, though the author is not known. It was incomplete as the bottom of the page had been torn off, but a portion of it read:

"Among my list of thirty-two ancestors who served as members of the Committee of Safety, patriots, privates, and nurses in the Revolutionary Way, perhaps the youngest to enlist was Nicholas Ickes who was born in Limerick Township, Montgomery Co., Pa., in 1764. "Nicholas was left motherless at the age of four and fatherless at the age of fourteen. At sixteen, he enlisted as a substitute for George Evans and served until peace was declared. "One day, while on duty close to George Washington's headquarters near Valley Forge, he peeped through an opening between the boards and saw General Washington alone on his knees in prayer." I don't know the true accuracy of this account as the author's name is not listed, but it goes on to talk about his life through to his death. The author talked about an "Old Homecoming Day" honoring him as founder of Ickesburg at which 6 grandchildren were present but Harold L. Ickes was unable to attend due to his duties as Sectetary of the Interior. The author and a woman named Alice Grabe unveiled a marker at that event. This occured in August (during one of the years which Harold Ickes served as Sec. of the Interior) and a family reunion was held the following day.
Nicholas ICKES, the father of twenty children was one of the German families that migrated from Chester & Montgomery Counties to what is now Perry County. It is reported that Nicholas was a substitute in the American Army in the Revolution. About 1812, Nicholas sold his Chester Co. farm and moved to Sherman's Valley, Tyrone Twp., Perry Co., PA. In 1820 he was taxed for sawmill, distillery, house and lot. Ickesburg was founded on his land.

Nancy C. Stockton
Date: 23 Jan 2003
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 65
page 182

Mrs. Leila Dromgold Emig.
DAR ID Number: 64519
Born in Saville, Pa.
Wife of Clayton E. Emig.
Descendant of Edward O. Donnell, John (or Christian) Hange, Christina Hange, Lieut. John Hench, Jr., John Yohn, Frederick Shull, [p.181] Valentine Foose, Zachariah Rice, Abigail Hartman Rice, John Hartman, Jacob Hartman, Michael Ickes, Nicholas Ickes, and Michael Loy (or Lei), all of Pennsylvania.
Daughter of Walker Alfred Dromgold (1850-1922) and Martha Ellen Shull (1852-81), his wife, m. 1871.
Granddaughter of John Dromgold (1811-87) and Bandinah Hench (1815-74), his wife, m. 1834; William Shull (1827-1902) and Elizabeth Rice (1830-1914), his wife, m. 1851.
Gr-granddaughter of Thomas Dromgold (1779-1841) and Elizabeth Donnell (1786-1860), his wife; Samuel Hench (1788-1861) and Elizabeth Yohn (1791-1884), his wife; Samuel Shull (1791-1832) and Margaret (or Rebecca) Rice (1795-1875), his wife, m. 1813; George Rice, Jr. (1798-1881), and Mary Magdalena Ickes (1799-1862), his 1st wife, m. 1819.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Edward O. Donnell and Nancy —, his wife; John Hench, Jr., and Margaret Rice, his wife; John Yohn and Bandinah Vanderslice (d. 1813), his wife; Frederick Shull and Phœbe Ann Hartman (1774-1860), his wife, m. 1790; George Rice (1769-1841) and Catherine Geirich, his wife, m. 1790 (parents of George); Conrad Rice (1770-1856) and Elizabeth Foose (b. 1778), his wife, m. 1793 (parents of Margaret [or Rebecca]); Nicholas Ickes and Susan Loy (or Lei) Bernheisel, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of John (or Christian) Hange and Christina —, his wife; Zachariah Rice and Abigail Hartman, his wife, m. 1758 (parents of George); Valentine Foose and Rosina Heinrich, his wife, m. 1763; Jacob Hartman and Sallie Sahler, his wife; Michael Ickes and Alice Koplin (or Coblentz) (1742-68), his wife, m. 1763; Michael Loy (or Lei) and Margareta —, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of John Hartman and Margaret Moses (1743-1809), his wife (parents of Abigail).
Edward O. Donnell, of Buckwheat Valley, Tuscarora township, served in the militia. He was born before 1755 in Buckwheat Valley; died after 1810 in Perry County, Pa.
John Hange emigrated from Wurtenburg, Germany, 1743, on the ship “Lydia.” He rendered patriotic service by caring for the soldiers of General Wayne's division after the battle of Brandywine, when they retreated across the valley and camped in the meadow of his farm. His wife, Christina, nursed and prepared food for the soldiers. He was born, 1712, in Germany; died after 1800 in Juniata County.
John Hench, Jr. (1750-1800) enlisted, 1777, and was made lieutenant of the 4th battalion, Pennsylvania Continental Line, under Major Peter Hartman. He was born in Chester County; died in Perry County.
John Yohn in 1778-83 served as a private in Capt. Philip Gobb's company, Philadelphia County militia, under Col. Daniel Heister. He was born before 1756; died, 1825, in Perry County.
[p.182] Frederick Shull enlisted from Chester County in Capt. Michael Cypher's company. He was born about 1760; removed from Chester County to Perry County, 1790, and died there in 1830.
Valentine Foose (1744-1815) served as private in Captain Eyrie's 8th company, Chester County regiment. He died in Chester County.
Zachariah Rice (1731-1811), a patriot, who did much work for the government during the Revolutionary War, and assisted in building the hospital at “Yellow Springs,” Chester County. He was born in Germany; died in Pennsylvania.
Abigail Hartman Rice (1742-89) died from typhus fever contracted in the hospital at “Yellow Springs” while on errands of mercy carrying food and delicacies to the invalid soldiers. She was born in Germany; died in Chester County.
John Hartman served on the Committee of Chester County, 1774, to enforce the acts of the Continental Congress. He was born before 1725 in Germany; died, 1785, in Chester County.
Also No. 61981.
Jacob Hartman emigrated from Germany to America, 1750, served in the Revolutionary War, and was wounded at the battle of Brandywine. He died, 1823, in Blain.
Michael Ickes in 1777 was assessed for one hundred and fifty acres of land, two horses, and three cows. He was born about 1741 in Montgomery County.
Nicholas Ickes (1764-1848) at the age of sixteen served as a substitute in the Pennsylvania militia. He was born in Limericktown; died in Ickesburg.
Also No. 26014.
Michael Loy (or Lei) (1740-1823) enlisted, 1776, as a private in Capt. Abraham De Hart's company, Lancaster County militia. He died in Pennsylvania.
Nicholas ICKES (1764 -1848), at the age of 16, served as a substitute in the Pennsylvania militia. He was born in Limericktown; died in Ickesburg, PA

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, ID A059821
See DAR ID Numbers: 26014, 64519, 113198, 126362
Date: 23 Jan 2003



Nicholas Ickes