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Johannes Hartman

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Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1725 Ilbesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Marriage 18 Sep 1739 Pfalz, Germany
Occupation Farmer
Religion Lutheran
Death MAY 1787 Pikeland, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States
Burial St Peters Church Cemetery, Pikeland, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States


Fact Description
Fact MILI @N214@


15 AUG 1750 Arrived at Philadelphia aboard the ship called the "Royal Union" from Rotterdam via Portsmouth.

He may have been a native of Schwerin, Hessel-Cassel (Prussia), but tradition says that the family lived in Wittenberg, a city in Southern Germany. He emigrated to America, arriving on August 15, 1750, on the ship "Royal Union, from Rotterdam, Clement Nicholson, Master. With him were his wife Margaret, sons Jacob and Peter and daughters Abigail, Elizabeth and Catherine.
On August 14, 1750, Johannes took the oath of allegience to King George of Great Britain. The family remained for a time in Philadelphia; then in 1753 moved to Pikeland Township, Chester County, where Johannes had taken a tract of several hundred acres near Yellow Springs under the Penn government from a group of land speculators known as the Pikeland Land Association. There he built a log cabin which he later replaced with a stone house.

JK addendum: neither Wittenberg nor the similar sounding Wittenburg are in southern Germany. Wurttemberg is in southern Germany, but it isn’t a city; it’s a region/former kingdom.@S18@@S33@
Johannes and Margaret Hartman, were also German immigrants. They arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Royal Union on August 15, 1750, along with their two sons, Jacob and Peter, and three daughters, Marie (Abigail), Elizabeth, and Catherine. They lived in Philadelphia until 1753, when they acquired a tract of land in Pikeland Township, on which they built a log house, which was later replaced with a stone structure. Their home was near Pickering Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
The records indicate that Johannes and Margaret came to America with 5 children. The records don't mention John and Phillip. It's unknown whether they died before the trip or just weren't listed. No dates of death are recorded for either. Some records indicate other children born to Johannes and Margaret. They are listed as Christopher, Joseph and George but there are no dates of birth and death attached to them. I assume they were born after the family got to America.
In 1756, during the French and Indian War, Johannes enrolled in the Vincent and Pikeland Guards, which joined Col. John Armstrong in an expedition to subdue Indian attacks in western Pennsylvania. His son, Peter, also joined the campaign as a drummer.
In 1775, Johannes Hartman became a member of the Committee of Safety, a group created to enforce the acts of the Continental Congress. He was a member of the Commission of Safety in 1776.
During the Revolutionary War, in the Battle of Brandywine, Johannes' son, Jacob, was shot. He used a plug of grass to seal his wound and stop the bleeding, then crawled under a bridge to avoid capture. His other son, Peter, became a Major in the Fourth Battalion, Pennsylvania Continental Line.
Johannes Hartman died in 1787 and was buried in the St. Peter's Church Cemetery in Chester County. His eldest son, Jacob, inherited his property. Unfortunately, this land was also purchased from Andrew Allen, and was included in the Pikeland Land Foreclosure writs of 1789. Jacob, who had married Sarah Sahler, was also forced to migrate west, and settled in Saville Township in Perry County. He lived there until 1800, when he moved to Blain@S32@
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 65
page 182 (See DAR ID Number: 64519):

John Hartman served on the Committee of Chester County, 1774, to enforce the acts of the Continental Congress. He was born before 1725 in Germany; died, 1785, in Chester County.
DAR: A051870

Also see DAR ID: 296955