Bouvier and Kauffman Families

Stilson Eastman

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Ebenezer Eastman 05 Sep 1711 Eleanor Allen 1715

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 07 Jan 1738 Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, United States
Marriage 1759
Death 1837 Rumford, Oxford County, Maine, United States


Fact Description


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Stilson served during the French and Indian war under Major Robert Rogers in Rogers Rangers with his Uncle, Joseph Eastman. Stilson was personal friends with the commander of the Army, General Jeffrely Amhurst.
Stilson lived in East Concord ( formerly Rumford) and was a member of the New Hampshire Militia when the American Revolution started. On july 5, 1777, he joined a regiment led by Lt. Col. Henry Gerrish and marched for the relief of Fort Ticonderoga. After a march of 75 miles they turned around and marched back upon the news that the fort had been evacuated. He was discharged July 12, 1777.
In september, 1777, Stilson joined a regiment again under Lt. Col. Henry Gerrish and marched to join the Northern Continental Army at Saratoga. He was in the Battle Of Saratoga and was present for the surrender of British General Burgoyne.

DAR: A035804

After the war, He owned and lived on a farm in East Concord, New Hampshire. Not being of the sober life, his farm went to his son-in-law, Simeon Brakett, who was married to Betsy.
When advanced in years, he came to Rumford where his son Caleb had already settled. Here when eighty years of age, he became converted under the preaching of Rev. Jotham Sewall and joined the church. When ninety years of age, he would ride to meeting on horseback,with his wife behind him.
He passed away at age 99 and is buried in Porter Cemetery, Rumford, Maine. His grave is registered with the sons of the American Revolution.

From "History of Rumford, Oxford County, Maine, from Its First Settlement in 1779 to the Present Time" by William B. Lapham (Augusta: Press of the Maine Farmer, 1890) pp. 317-318