Thar She Blows!

“Her bowels blew!” said Beth’s teacher, describing Beth’s explosive trip to the potty this afternoon.

The “big” potty at home took the brunt of another sudden burst this evening. When you get a good deal of the product on the under side of the toilet seat, you know your dealing with a powerful force not to be reckoned with lightly.

Pop Quiz: What do you get when you take an extremely constipated young girl to a specialist; he gives her Enulose (to loosen her up); she takes it for four days without a movement; she goes to her regular doctor for something unrelated; he determines that she has a sinus infection; and, he prescribes an antibiotic which she takes for two days (along with the Enulose)?

Answer: A great big mess.

Break out the 409, it’s Bounty time.