If you’re a Bouvier or a Cabana looking for some family history, I’m afraid you may be a little disappointed. I’m a Kauffman. I’ve got a Kauffman bias. Plus, the Kauffman, Conner, Knights, and Rice families have been in this country for a long time. Almost all go back at least to the Civil War. Many go back at least to the Revolution. A couple go back to the Mayflower. That’s not to say we don’t have some research on Cheryl’s side of the family… if you know the names and you know where to look. Plus, I keep finding French Canadian records… in FRENCH! I know, it’s a world gone mad. 

Also, you should note that some of the information listed here (in many cases beyond three to four generations) comes from sources I haven’t had the time to verify personally. Keep your grains of salt handy. However, I’ve focused my recent efforts on finding reliable sources and citing it on these pages where appropriate.

Here’s a brief description of the contents (also listed on the tabs above):

  • Interesting People: well, to me anyway. Here you’ll find a few shortcuts to folks in my tree who stand out, in my mind. You’ll find people involved in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, clergy, and really old/dead people.



  • Index**: an alphabetical list of all (or most) of the people we’ve found in our family. To date, most of the people listed here are direct ancestors of our children (starting with the Kauffman and Bouvier families). There are a few exceptions, such as the Frost family, which I thought was cool. There are a couple others Ancestry suggested, but one scared me so bad I stopped looking (W).



  • List of families: you probably have this one figured out, right?



  • The American Revolution: this is a list of my ancestors who contributed to the American effort for independence. Most are registered with the Daughters of the American Revolution, and in most cases a link will take you to their page on the DAR site.



  • The Cunningham Letter: 



  • Rev. John Rice’s Diary: