What a day I’m having.

I’m holding an empty water bottle in my hands. The only difference between this bottle and the bottle that was sitting on my desk is that the one on my desk was not empty, not quite anyway. About two mouthfuls of water and five minutes separate the two. For the last two hours, I’ve been looking at the mostly empty bottle of water. I’ve been at work and I’ve been thirsty, but I’ve been thinking about a commute home and the possible need to wash down some headache relief somewhere between “Point A” and “Point B”, so the bottle has sat there unfinished despite my thirst. Just before deciding to leave for the day I decided to throw caution to the wind and finish off the water. I resolve to keep the bottle due to Beth’s affinity for drinking things out of bottles and my desire to recycle. I was putting the bottle in my bag when I notice another bottle already inside. The only difference between the bottle in my hand and the bottle in my bag is that one is full. It was just that kind of day.