What is there to say, I’m in a doctor’s office.

Did I mention where I’ve found the time to write this? Well, it’s 4:05 pm, and I’m sitting in a doctor’s office. I’m sitting here waiting to see if I’ll have a reaction to my allergy shots. I can be a little uptight about some things, and having a reaction to medication is one of those things. So, just imagine what it does when the nurses tell me to wait around 20 minutes to wait and see if I’ll have a reaction. Let’s just say that I need some distraction. If I think about it long enough, I can convince myself that I’m having some kind of reaction – and I can be creative. Writing these entries has served to meet this need. At the same time, a crowded doctor’s waiting room is not exactly the best place to unleash the creative juices. I’m dry enough as it is. Just what is an aspiring hypochondriac and talentless hack to do?

Ten minutes down, Ten to go.
I’m trying to thing of something interesting to say, but nothing comes to mind. Maybe I’ll try a game.