I’m in a doctor’s office.

Seven senior citizens, three middling adults and one child. We’re like a microcosm of our community. Is it any wonder Florida spends less per capita on education than almost any other state? Is it just me, or does everyone stop caring about the needs of the overall community once their children are grown? Is it just a Florida thing? Since we don’t have an income tax, are we just attracting everyone in the country who doesn’t like to pay for things? There are days when I feel like I’ll stay here forever. There are other days I’d like to be just about anywhere else. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it matters what I think. It seems like I believe in one set of things, and everyone else around me believes in something else. Am I right? Is everyone else is wrong? Am I as open to contrarian ideas as I would like to be? Will I ever feel more like I belong here?