The rest of the trip.

Well, there was a wedding, a day trip to Maine, a day miscellaneous stuff, and another day of travel. The wedding was pretty cool, as weddings go. There were family and friends from many different walks of life. There were the folks who are accustomed to being the life of the party, others that aren’t, and many more who fall somewhere in between. There was a cake cutting, a DJ, and a first dance. To my delight there was no chicken dance, conga line, or any other tasteless wedding standby that I could do without. It was very nice, and I wish nothing but good fortunes and happy times to the bride and groom.
If the wedding went well, the drive to Maine was better. I am always surprised by two things when I go to Maine. One, the size of Joe’s family in Maine. Two, despite the families’ size they all welcome another to the mix with warmth and inclusiveness. It was no different on this trip. Beth had a wonderful time playing with her cousins and everyone else had a good time catching up. Our last full day in New England was not quite as nice, but it would have been hard to keep up the pace. On a strictly positive note, I stayed up for the Monday night game and saw the Bucs prevail over the Rams. My day long daze of fatigue and sleep deprivation the next day was well worth it. That brings me to the flight home. What can I say about airline travel that you haven’t already heard? Lets just say that at one point I remember mumbling to no one in particular, “if we have to go through security one more time I think it might be easier to just sell the house back home and stay here.”