Turn back now while you still can.

The highlight of the week came on Saturday. I decided to do something bold. Yes, I decided to load OS X (10.2) on my four year old iMac sitting in our living room. No, you did not hear me wrong, I did it. Not all that interesting you say? Go read something else.
But wait, it gets better. The new OS has allowed us to venture into a realm that we’ve only dared to dream about until now: printer sharing. I can’t recall how many times Cheryl has been using the laptop and called out, “aghhh!!!, I want to print something but I can’t because I’m not hooked up to a printer!!!” (Right now Cheryl is thinking to herself, “well I can, you’ve only let me use the thing about twice since we got it nine months ago!”) Well agonize no more my sweet bride! I moved our UPS (uninterupted power source) to the living room to accompany our new iMac X and printer, and now printer sharing is as simple as saying “rendezvous.” O.K., you caught me (those damn French). It didn’t go off without a hitch, but then nothing I do does. But, just when things seemed their darkest, there was a glorious moment when I had my laptop in the kitchen, asked it to print, and the printer set up in the living room whirred to life. I skipped into the other room, picked up the print out and held my trophy high for all to see. “It looks like something you printed”, Cheryl says in a tired voice. Sometimes discovery is a lonely business.
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