When government should not run like a business.

I’ve just heard that Florida’s wonderful education system pays it’s new top education post more than any other state, and 33% more than the top Federal education post. Many state employees I know fantasize about being a federal employee, and the higher pay and better benefits that come with it. I guess our Education chief does not share those fantasies. Further, I’ve heard that after incentives, the top Florida post will increase more than 33% next year to approximately $400,000.00 per year. This is a state government job? I didn’t think our pay grades went that high. (Maybe they don’t, maybe the normal rules don’t apply.) Now consider that starting teachers average somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000 per year. Consider that one of the reasons our current governor gives for not supporting a maximum class size initiative is that state government will not be able to afford all of the extra teachers we would need to hire. Now we turn around and spend an absurd amount of money on an education “CEO.”

I love this state.