I’m dreaming of an iMac Christmas.

When it comes to shopping, I’m a bit of a masochist. It seems that I only enjoy shopping when I don’t have any extra discretionary income. Notice I didn’t say I don’t have any money. That wouldn’t exactly be true. We’ve got money around, it’s just that we shouldn’t spend it. Some of it is for upcoming bills. Some of it is savings for emergencies. I think you get the picture. This evening, after Beth went to bed and Cheryl and I were winding down, I decided to look up the Apple web site. “Cheryl, they’ve knocked $100 of the new iMacs … I didn’t know they were that cheap!” I went to the web site of an Authorized Apple Reseller. “Cheryl, did you know that you could get a reconditioned iMac for another $150 off the regular price?” Sometimes it’s no fun being responsible.