When your patience lets you down.

Normally, I think I can be a patient person at the office. Yesterday I was a little disappointed in myself for not being more patient. I was speaking with someone from a different work unit, trying to explain to them why their presence was necessary in court later this week. This person was understandably nervous and wanted to be prepared. I tried to explain that I had not really been involved in the case, and the person that was would be back tomorrow. Trying to be helpful, I gave what little information I could. So much for trying to be helpful. You see, believe it or not, the court does not always agree with our interpretation of the law. My mistake in this exchange was trying to explain to this person that just because we think the law says one thing, it does not automatically mean that the court is going to agree. In fact, our attorneys have privately voiced their opinion that our argument is not a slam dunk. So, what happens next? This person announces that they were “just looking over the statutes the other night…” and “…it seems pretty obvious to me.” What do I do? “Well, why don’t you bring that with you on Friday … I’m sure they all would like to be enlightened by your unique and obviously superior knowledge of the law.” I turned and walked out the door, the person’s eyes following me out. Not the way you would have handled it you say? I’m not particularly proud of it, but I guess nobody’s perfect.