Her strength is skin deep.

My wife is a strong person. I don’t mean she’s muscular. I mean she has a strong personality. Truth be told, it is much stronger than mine. She has a will, and where there’s a will there’s her way. She’ll stand up to anyone, anyplace, any time if properly provoked. What I want to know is where does that person go when there is a lizard or bug in the house. When there is a lizard on the floor her will is as firm as a puddle. Night or day, rain or shine, if there’s a bug in the house then the man suddenly is indispensable. How many times has your morning started with “AAAAAHHHHHH!” There’s nothing like kicking in the fight/flight reflex at four in the morning. You could smoke a pack of cigarettes, drink a quart of coffee and follow it a dose of amphetamines – and your blood pressure still wouldn’t be as high.