In the world today.

Does anyone else wonder what the difference between Iraq and North Korea is? Both countries are ruled by a government that we’ve gone to war with. Both countries are suspected of developing nuclear weapons. Both countries have current rulers that seem a bit too unstable for comfort. North Korea has come out and admitted that they are actively developing “the bomb.” Based on what I’ve heard in the news, we know North Korea has some of the materials and infrastructure necessary to actually build one. Based on what I’ve heard in the news, it is rumored that Iraq has been seeking the materials and infrastructure to develop such weapons, but that they are not there yet. Iraq has been known to have chemical and biological weapons. These weapons, while certainly dangerous, do not approach the destructive or killing power of “the bomb.” Meanwhile, we are actively seeking an excuse to go to war with Iraq, in order to prevent it’s leader from developing and using “weapons of mass destruction.” At the same time, we are apparently turning our backs on the North Koreans, despite the same concerns.

Am I missing something?