Doing Disney in the cold.

Well, we went back. I have just one thing to say about this trip. Oh yeah, don’t you wish.
Actually, I enjoyed this trip as much as any other trip to the Orlando area. It began with a reunion with a friend from high school and college. I had thought about the possibility of meeting ever since we got our seasonal passes to Disney delight, but I hadn’t done anything beyond thinking about it until a couple of weeks ago. Cheryl had been planning this particular trip for a couple of months now and I had been looking forward to the opportunity to stay on the Disney property. Hey, what the heck, I hadn’t stayed on the property before and I was game for a new experience. Anyway, I was daydreaming about my upcoming trip when it occurred to me that I could put the two together. After trading messages for a week, we met at Epcot on the day of our arrival. The meeting was everything I hoped it would be. We reminisced and we caught up. The only problem was it was too short. As night fell on that first day the temperature dropped considerably. It didn’t climb significantly for the entire trip. And do you know what? It was great. A blast of extremely cold weather (for Florida) was just what I needed. No matter how long we spent at the park, I had a spring in my step. Beth kept right on going until she just about fell unconscious in her tracks each night. Each day we hopped from park to park, hitting the attractions that we had missed on prior trips. The first two days we ended up at Epcot for dinner, and we went all out. As a child, meals at an amusement park consisted of hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza. This time we ate at the fancy restaurants, and it was very good. And oh was it expensive. Now I know why we ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza as kids. Having done it, I have no regrets. It was a great trip.