Who am I to say.

I’d like to think that I am above certain things. I see advertisements for fancy luxury cars, and I say to myself, “how could anyone spend that much on a car?” Surely I would not squander my wealth in such a way, if I had wealth.

I have a penchant for taking up the opposite side of an issue in conversations with people. It really doesn’t matter which side I actually believe in, I argue the merits of the opposite side of the conversation with zeal. Today I was engaged in light conversation about the values of our society, when I found myself admitting that I may be no better than those I tend to criticize about their spending. I realized that I too tend accumulate things for which “need” is only perceived. Regardless of what I earn, it tends to get spent. I suspect that this tends to be the rule rather than the exception. Look at that guy with three computers! How could anyone spend so much on electronic toys?

Perhaps the only difference among us is how much we have to spend on our “needs.” But no, that’s not true either. Frugality is a trait that spans the wealthy and the poor alike. The real question is, am I more frugal than those I criticize? Is the only difference between myself and those I criticize gross earnings? Oh hell, no one’s perfect. I am happy with what I have, even if I sometimes think I need more.