Windows to the soul.

Earlier this evening I was sitting down next to Beth and she was enthusiastically talking about something; exactly what it was escapes me. Some kind of parent I am, teaching my daughter such wonderful listening skills. I bring this up not to point out more of my shortcomings as a parent, but to try and explain something I observed that may prove to be unexplainable. While Beth was speaking I noted her tone, if not the words themselves. It was a tone that I have come to think of as: “child pretending to be an adult in explanation mode”. It is not uncommon for Beth to take this tone on a dozen occasions in a single day. There is something about a five year old explaining the concept of “all grass being green” that tickles me. Anyway, she was explaining some such nugget of five year old wisdom when I noticed her eyes. They were wide open, yet relaxed. They were inquisitive yet giving. Looking into her eyes I was reminded what a remarkable thing it is to have a child.