Having a good time.

I went to the coolest wedding reception this past weekend. What better way to entertain your guests while you are taking pictures with the photographer than letting them wander around a museum? Yes, the reception was held at an art museum. I chatted up the folks until the grub was served, then gave the snack line a once over. Once the bride and groom arrived they put on the customary American wedding show: the first dance, dancing with parents, etc. Then we adjourned to the solarium for a buffet overlooking the river. Which brings up the question: what do eight Protestants and a Catholic priest talk about at a wedding? My extended family found out. Cheryl gave him the wrong impression when she mentioned the Catholic church we were married at, and this lead to a few surprising references to “Stodgy Protestants” – but otherwise it was great fun. No one was hurt (I don’t think), and I had a great time talking to the guy.