There are some things in this world that I refuse to do. I will not spank my child. I will not listen to country/western music. I will not share eating utensils with others. I will not buy another american car. I will not eat reheated leftovers.

Wait a minute… no leftovers? Yes, you heard me right. With almost religious fervor, I have resisted countless overtures to box up, refrigerate, and / or consume leftover food. No matter what someone tells you, it does not taste just as good a day later. It certainly does not taste better. Case in point: reheated macaroni. If macaroni tastes so much better when it is mushy, then why don’t people cook it that way to begin with? Ha! I got you there, didn’t I?

So, what was I doing this afternoon around lunch time? The cabinets were bare and my wallet was as empty as my stomach. There was just one lunch time appropriate item in the fridge… leftover macaroni and spaghetti sauce. Desperate for something to eat other than toast and pickles, I glanced around the room to see if anyone was watching. I pulled the bowl out of the fridge and transferred it to the microwave. Oh, the shame of it all! Two minutes later I was eating reheated macaroni with all the enthusiasm of a survivalist eating bugs in the jungle. Desperate times called for desperate measures. My stomach was full, my palate was left wanting, and one more chink was revealed in my pride’s armor. Toast and pickles anyone?