Frustration, insurance style.

What is your favorite part about seeing doctors. Some would say that they don’t like to be poked and prodded. I suppose I don’t like it anymore than the next guy, but I’ll survive. Some people are aggravated by the long waits in the lobby. I guess I’m more patient than average; either that or I’ve long since been beaten into submission by countless lines and waiting. Growing up within driving distance of Disney World builds up your tolerance for that kind of thing. Here’s what gets my gourd: showing up for an appointment not knowing if your referral (otherwise known as “pre-authorization for care”) has been completed by your “PCP” (Primary Care Physician ) and health insurance provider. It sometimes feels like I’d have better odds getting a straight answer from a politician.

What could possibly have brought this issue up? It wouldn’t be because I’m sitting in a doctor’s office now, could it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m mostly happy with my health care – even my health insurance provider. I usually get what I want out of it, it just takes a little effort. It’s just times like these that I wonder if the private sector can really do everything better. My experience suggests the notion is nothing but a pipe dream – and someone definitely inhaled.