How about that vacation?

Yes, there was more to the trip than practicing methods of torture on myself, but good news is a lot less entertaining than bad news – just ask your local news director. Never one to worry about readership, I press on. We made it to our cabin on Tuesday night. As I’ve noted before, that first night was pretty cool; literally and figuratively. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were not so cool in temperature, but just as cool in spirit. We did many of the things we wanted to do. We took Cheryl’s parents on a driving tour on Wednesday. We saw Helen, GA; a city with the distinction of having more tee-shirt shops per capita than any other city in the U.S.

On Thursday Cheryl, Beth and I went on a hiking tour of Rabun County, GA. Our first stop was the Talula Gorge State Park. The distinguishing feature of this park is a large, deep gorge (go figure). What surprised Cheryl and I was just how big and deep it was. Visions of our trip to Utah filled our minds. This hole in the ground was much greener than the canyons in Utah, but it rivaled some of the canyons in size. We destroyed our legs on the staircase down and back up from the bottom of the gorge, but it was worth it. (You try climbing 700 feet worth of stairs and see how you feel.) Sitting on a rock at the bottom, looking across the river, I was at peace. It lasted all of three minutes when Beth announced, “I have to go to the bathroom!” Other than the river, the nearest place to take a tinkle was 700 feet above us. As tempting as the river was, we decided to climb up and seek more conventional means of relief. After climbing out Beth was almost too tired to remember she had to go potty. It was a rare opportunity to see Beth run out of energy.

And on the fourth day, we rested. We did interrupt our day long slumber for a session of horseback riding. I feel nervous letting Cheryl drive; so how do you think I feel being at the mercy of a non-sentient animal that out-weighs me many times over? Every twitch seemed like a sign that the beast was going to go rodeo on me. The ride was mostly pleasant, but when it was over I was glad that I could get off and put a little distance between us on my own terms.

Today we’re driving back home. I’m tired, but it is a good tired. I am filled with the peaceful feeling that we’ve spent our time well; taking in sights and sounds that enrich our memories, living experiences that remind me that there is some good in the world, and best of all – sharing it all with the two people I love most in this world.