Dog vs Man.

“My Jack Russell Terrier is smarter than your honor student.” This is the bumper sticker that I saw on my drive home from work on Friday. You’ve probably seen a few bumper stickers in your day, haven’t you? I’ve seen a few. Most of them are pretty benign. Some of them promote a cause or a politician that I don’t support. Still fewer make a statement that rubs my calm demeanor raw. This bumper sticker was one of the later.

“John, you’re too easily upset if a silly bumper sticker gets your motor running.” Yes, even if you – the phantom reader – are a figment of my imagination… that doesn’t make you any less right. (Doctor, the patient is ready for his medication!) Ah, I just can’t help it. I see bumper stickers as a small reflection of the owner; a little sign for the masses that says, “this is who I am… this is what I want you to think of me.” I see that bumper sticker and I see a sign that says, “I hate your child, and all the little children like your child.” I know that not everyone likes kids. Many people just don’t have the patience for children. At the same time, kids are fellow human beings – people like you and me. The secondary message I see in this bumper sticker is “I like dogs more than people.” So o.k., some people have a hard time with other people. Cynics see people as a repository for all that is evil in the world. I can see where these people would find it easier to relate to an animal than another person. An animal won’t argue with you. It won’t tell you, “you are wrong.” It won’t call you names.

Some people don’t like kids or other people. I understand. I don’t understand when this became some thing to brag about – something to aspire to.