I have no idea what came over me. You may not know this about me, but I am not the most self assured person in the world. I may have even mentioned this a few times before (like every other entry?). I am definitely not one of those people that walks around with an air of invincibility. You’re more likely to see me avoiding eye contact as I scurry by. Well, maybe I’m not quite that bad. In any case, I was surprised at myself the other day. Someone who works in a different unit at our office was lurking in our suite, looking to drag someone into her web of indignacy. This person has a bit of a reputation as an instigator of unrest, and I was in no mood to get involved. She was comming in the door just as I was rushing off on an important task. As we approached she asked me a cryptic question in a conspriatorial tone: “John, do I dare?” Without breaking stride, I replied in a disinterested mono-tone: “I don’t know.” She stoped dead in her tracks, expecting me to wait for an explanation, but I passed within six inches of her as I walked right past. Her head turned to track me as I walked past her and out the door. I almost felt bad about my behavior, until I found out what she wanted to talk about. I’M FREE AT LAST!
I’m still surprised by it though. I never thought I had it in me to brush someone off like that. I don’t know if it’s a good thing either. Do you think the fact that I enjoyed it is an indicator?