Life is a series of choices.

I know this. You know this. We also know that there is a difference between knowing and doing. Case in point (you just knew there had to be one): TONIGHT.

I like sleep, and I think sleep likes me. We get along famously, but occasionally things come between us. When this happens sleep gets angry with me. He starts to come by when he isn’t wanted. You can understand why I wouldn’t want to upset my life long friend, don’t you? I have my weaknesses though. First and foremost, there’s football: prime time, week night football games – oh the humanity! So along comes this other friend of mine: the NFL football season. I am suddenly and unexpectedly presented with the opportunity to see a game – live – at my local NFL football venue. The only catch is it’s a prime time, week night football game! I go and I will be up way past my normal bed time. Tomorrow is another work day – a day to get up early, do the commute, and earn my pay for eight hours of the day. Life is a bitch when sleep gets angry with me on a work day.

Do I go to the game and let it come between me and my friend sleep? Alas, my answer is no.

Damn choices!