Hiding in the shadows of illness.

I have completed a most unlikely weekend; one in which we went somewhere new and I didn’t take any pictures. I dutifully carried my camera around, but I never framed a shot, much less actually take a picture. All I can say is I wasn’t inspired. A cold will do that for you.

It’s too bad too, we were doing the annual convention tag along and this year’s installment took us to Hutchinson Island, on Florida’s east coast. That’s “Florida’s Gold Coast”, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Our hotel wasn’t right on the beach but it was nice anyway. Part of the problem was the rain, part of it was the cold, and part of it was… I don’t know. Maybe it didn’t seem unique enough to picture. Not once did I think to myself: “I’d like to remember just how this looked.” This is what inspires me to take my camera out. It’s not the most artsy reason in the world, but it’s honest.