On the road again.

Once again, this entry comes to you courtesy of a ride in a car. It must be a welcome change from the death watch at the allergist. Me? I could go either way.

We finished up the mother of all mini vacations today. A word of thanks goes out to the patron saint of good timing. (Who would have guessed that I’m not really up to speed on my saints?) We practically walked right on everything yesterday. Need a bus to Epcot? Just step right up and one appears at the stop. Want to see the Little Mermaid show at “Disney’s MGM Studios”, the one you’ve never seen due to the long lines? Just step right up, you’re the first in line for the next show. How about the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular? Well you’re in luck folks, the show’s just starting. Come on in!

Un-freaking believable! All on a holiday weekend no less!

There’s just one problem: nature’s check book always balances at zero. All that good fortune is bound to create the ultimate equal and opposite reaction. I hope I’m not around when things snap back.