The first signs of fall.

Last week I walked from my car to the office as a bit of cool air hit me in the face and brushed my bare skin. I was tempted to say chill, but I quickly recovered. It is 09/in Florida after all. Even I feel silly saying that 75 is chilly. Another sign has parked invisibly over our heads – a stalled frontal weather system. No one in Florida talks about weather “fronts” until after the autumnal equinox. (THE AUTHOR WISHES TO FESS UP: no one but meteorologists and us Weather Channel junkies talk about weather fronts regardless of the time of year.) Another change occurs in our yard. Our yard’s grass like substance stops growing in late September, and does not resume until spring (which in Florida comes in late February).

I am a cold weather guy, or to be specific – a Florida cold weather guy. My idea of the perfect day is a high of 54 and a low of 40. My idea of yard work is bring my iBook out to the back yard and working on a project for the office perched on the hammock.

The grass like substance is just starting to cooperate and the weather will be here before I know it.

Bring it on!