Back in the saddle; or, when a good computer goes bad.

We are back on the air after some technical difficulties this evening. They say that when you run your own web server, you can’t blame anyone else for your site problems. Well, one of our poor old iMacs bit the dust right in front of me this evening. It happened just as I was walking in the door, coming home from work. The monitor flashed, an electrical “hissing” noise rose from the depths of the case, and it went dead. We made every attempt known to us to revive it, but we were unsuccessful. Six hours worth of harvesting spare parts, installing software, and loading back-ups to our family room iMac brings us to the present. It’s past my bed time, and I’m sitting here typing this message. Two people will likely read this entry, and I’ve already told one of them more than they wanted to know about it. Ye Gods!