Can money buy happiness, or can you rent to own?

There is a debate raging in my own mind. I am one of the least ambitious people I know. Combine that with an expensive taste in computers and you get a train wreck of budgetary proportions. Then out of the blue comes a promotional opportunity. One of the quirks in state government is that people are not singled out for promotion based on merit. Instead, promotions are applied for like a new position. There are interviews, work samples; and applicants are judged based on the results. In short, promotions are not a given; regardless of whether they are merited. I may or may not deserve a promotion in my agency. I may or may not get it if I applied. I may or may not want the job that is available, but I’m leaning towards “not”. The extra 5% in salary that will come with the new position may or may not make a difference in our budget, but I’m leaning towards “not”. Applying for the job after I assured several people I was not interested may or may not cause problems for me (as if!). This job may or may not be an important stepping stone in my career in state government, but it won’t be the last opportunity.

What is a life long procrastinator with little ambition, and who likes his current job going to do? Are you really asking? Do you even know me?