Ice hockey?

Does anyone still refer to hockey as “ice hockey”? A friend of mine recently asked me if I was interested in taking in a game, via the wife-line. I give him a call, saying “I understand there is an urgent matter regarding an ice hockey game”. Ice hockey? What was he going to say, “no, there’s a semi-pro women’s field hockey team playing at the University of Tampa next week”? Even if we were taking in an Olympic event, there’s not much chance of confusing the two (one’s played in the summer and one’s not).

It’s fall. The weather has been a pinch cooler. Hockey returns to the Bay Area on October 10. Football season is already in full swing. Both teams look to be pretty good. The distraction of our terrible baseball team has finally ended for the year.

I love being a sports fan in the fall. It’s o.k. the rest of the year too, just not quite the same.