Christmas past.

Today I had a great Christmas. We had a bunch of folks over to celebrate with us, and it was cool. We don’t often have a bunch of people over to the house, so today was quite the event. I was never popular in school, I was never popular at work, and I am not popular in the neighborhood; so having a bunch of people in my house gives me the opportunity to pretend that I am. It didn’t hurt that it seemed people actually didn’t mind so much being here. I just hope that I didn’t make a jack-ass out of myself. We folks with a shortage of self esteem get a little nervous putting ourselves on display – and I did. Ah well, if nothing else I did a fabulous job of entertaining myself, because I had a great time.

I sent a Christmas greeting to most of my friends and family, but suddenly I feel like that is not enough. So where ever you are, what ever you may be doing, regardless of whether you are paying attention (and most of you are not, but that’s o.k. – I wouldn’t either)… I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did.