Still Awake.

It’s past my bedtime on a work night and I’m still awake; a perfect time to grab my handy-dandy iBook and let my fingers do some talking. I would really like to share some good advise I got from a friend, the only problem is said friend makes up half of my readership. Oh hell, if it benefits even one person it will all be worth while. Of course that’s the best I could hope to do, but I won’t dwell on that right now.

A while back I was having a problem at work. It wasn’t a big problem, just something that was nagging at me. I was having a bit of a communication problem. I know what you are thinking: me, the great communicator, having problems vocalizing? Surely you’re more likely to catch Rush Limbaugh with a nasty drug problem, right? (O.K., that was admittedly a low blow. While it is never funny to see someone suffer, this “commie liberal” still finds it terribly ironic.) But I digress…

The advise involved making an effort to connect with people on a regular basis, perhaps simply making it a point to touch bases with everyone each morning. It seems to be paying dividends. There are folks I work with who will never be my best friend, but it’s nice to work in a place where everyone can talk, where everyone is approachable. The key for me has been making the effort to approach on a regular basis, not just when I need to discuss a problem.

It’s funny how obvious solutions can sometimes be so evasive.