What is it with the bodily fluids?

Colds and bad cars have dominated the last few entries. Well, it’s high time I talked about something I like.

I like my iBook. I am a convert to the joys of portable computing. I only sit at a desk when I absolutely have to, which now means only at work. I have a faster computer sitting on a desk in my living room. It is a wonder of modern technology, but it is big. Plop me down on my couch and put my portable in my lap and I am in computer heaven.

I like Cheryl’s new car. It is everything the lemon was not. It has room. It feels well crafted. It does not shimmy, shake, vibrate, or buzz.

I like my new car. I didn’t want to have to buy one, but as long as I did I might as well have something I like. It is small. Traffic is a plaything for my new car to toy with. The manual transmission is smooth (compared to others I’ve driven). The engine is responsive, without being a gasoline hoarding pig. It is colorful.

I like the weather this time of year. Crisp and clean with no caffeine.

I like my friends. They put up with me when I’m busy entertaining myself.

I like November, December and January. Over 55% of all Florida state employee holidays fall in these three months (not counting the floating “personal holiday”).

I like my hobbies. Reading, bicycling, writing, picture taking, screwing around with this site – I’ve got a few things to occupy my time.

I like it when I think I’ve thought of something new, even when it turns out it isn’t.

(Author’s note: this is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. There are plenty of things I like that do not appear on this list. There are probably many things I like more than the things on this list, that are not on this list. Why then did I bother with a list? If I don’t know then I can’t expect you to know, can I?)