Bearing false witness

Lying is bad. It is deceitful, it can catch up with you, and it is just plain not nice. Having said that, there is a certain amount of pleasure in fibbing for sport. There is a little game we engage in at the office. Someone uncorks a whopper and someone else is supposed to call them on it. The sport is in trying to come up with the most outrageous lie without being called on it.

“No, I could swear that the forty-third amendment to the US Constitution allows the President to declare war without the approval of congress.”

“Have you heard that the noise associated with vacuuming has been linked to the onset of gout?”

“Did you hear that before someone is released from prison, Florida convicts have to place their hand on a bible, admit to their wrong doing, and promise ‘to be a good citizen and never do it again’.”

“They said on the radio this morning that the President wants to sever diplomatic ties with Canada over their lack of support in Iraq?”

“Did you know that in 1815 the British parliament passed a resolution stating ‘we were tired of those damn coffee drinking yanks anyway.'”

You should never be surprised by what others will characterize as “fun”. My name is John and I am a little strange. Aren’t we all?