Drive time.

Driving a car on the road is a little too impersonal. We know, in theory, that there are people in the other cars, but it is a little too abstract for our own good. We drive around in shells of our personality. The model, general upkeep, and decoration all speak to how we view ourselves. Yet to others on the road it is still just another car; little more than an obstacle between us and where we want to go. Friday I was driving to work and someone was overtaking me in the right hand lane. Just about when they were even with my car, they decided to execute a textbook sideswipe maneuver. Like about 90% of the other drivers on the road I swore, applied the brakes, and laid on the horn (in that order).

Where else could I get away with behavior like that? Imagine if I carried on and swore at people on the side walk when they cut me off. Some might even pay good money to see it. It’s just so much easier to be a lout from the comfort of your own cocoon.