Any minute now I’ll find this funny.

There was a time when I told Beth to leave the T.V. on. We were listening to a digital cable music channel, so Beth felt that the T.V. was unnecessary (the sound was going through our stereo at the time). Our discussion went something like this…

“Beth, what are you doing?”
“I’m just going to turn the T.V. off.”
“Beth, I don’t want you to turn the T.V. off.”

Beth reaches to turn the T.V. off once again.

“Beth, leave the T.V. on.”

Beth reaches to turn the T.V. off once again.

“Because I want to see the song title when a new one comes on.”

Our discussion ends and we continue to do our respective “things”: me, lobbing shots at our indoor basketball hoop and Beth dancing to the music. The current song ends and a new one begins.

“Daddy, what is the name of this song.”
“It’s Muckety Muck by the Blah Blahs.” (Actual song and band not committed to memory.)

CLICK (The sound of Beth turning the T.V. off.)

“Beth, please go to your room.”

Does anyone else’s six year old do this kind of thing?