Beware of the grouchy man in the blue shirt.

There once was a movie about fish that wasn’t really about fish. It was called Fish! It was the story of a fish market where people really love to work and want to tell others about it. They have fun, they are there for others, they choose their attitude, and one other thing that I can’t immediately recall. All I can say is it is a lot easier to choose your attitude when someone isn’t reading over your shoulder in a doctor’s office. Five empty chairs and you have to get close and take one of my armrests? Hello… personal space?

Ah, the joy of passive aggressiveness!

Ah, but what happens when passive aggressiveness fails you? Do you downshift into… what exactly? Engrossed in your work, you shoot for the tried and true method of pretending you are alone (aka the art of ignoring). But what if that doesn’t work either? The next thing you know the person next to you wants to show you something on your computer. You try to politely refuse, but your waiting room partner will not take no for an answer. Aren’t you reading over my shoulder? Don’t you know I’m being passive aggressive? It means I don’t really feel like talking right now. No, you don’t have to take it personally. If you were here to read my last entry you would know that my mind is mush, and I just need some solitary R & R. Oh, one more thing: that sign on the wall, the one that says “Please be considerate of our allergic patients by not wearing perfume or cologne”, that doesn’t mean you should soak your shirt in it right before you come. It’s an odd sign for an allergists office, isn’t it? Yes, that you can take personally.

You’re welcome.