Home improvement on the cheap.

It all started innocently enough. “John, I hate this room.”
“Well, what exactly do you hate about it?”
“For starters, I hate those CD racks that sit on top of the counter next to the TV.”

Fast forward 24 hours. We emerge from another episode of “The Kauffmans get a trim” to find ourselves driving Eastbound on the road home. Inspiration hits me hard. “Cheryl, how about we stop by Lowes to look at shelving options?” The next thing you know we’re wandering the isles of handyman heaven. Thirty minutes later the three of us are carrying our shelving supplies, having spent only $50! Fast forward four hours. Two french bread pizzas, one recharging cycle on the drill, and a Colin Farrell movie later… those new shelves were hanging on the wall. There were not any missteps. There were no unforeseen problems. I just put them up.

Waiting for fate to balance the books is pure agony.