Mission Accomplished, madness postponed.

Today my coding deficiencies were overcome and the freedom loving people of the world rejoiced! It was an Alleluia Chorus kind of moment. I walked over to the office laser printer and time slowed to a crawl. As the page began to emerge, face down, I reached for one corner and curled it upwards for a peek. MY GOD, IT LOOKS LIKE IT WORKS! I forcibly removed the page from the printer, clutched it in two hands, and raised it above my head for all to admire. I felt like Charlton Heston in the Ten Commandments.** It is amazing what a little success will do for your mood – not to mention your ego.

** Prior to his gun nut days. I also have to admit that I never saw the Ten Commandments, though it seems like Charlie should have – at some point – hoisted the old stone tablets above his head in triumph.