A little real estate tip for New Orleans.

If you are ever in the market for property in New Orleans, beware of the term “waterfront.” I’ve taken two lovely rides through uptown New Orleans so far this week. Riding under a canopy of old growth trees, past the old restored homes was absolutely fabulous. Having taken essentially the same route twice I was looking for a little variety, so I went off towards the river this morning. I knew there was a whole lot of industry on the river, but I figured in the hour I had given myself for the ride out I would find something pleasing to the eye. I was wrong. The Mississippi river in New Orleans is all business and no pleasure. The water is ugly and the shore is worse. You notice how folks often refer to the “mighty Mississippi”, and not the “mesmerizing Mississippi” or the “majestic Mississippi”? That’s because it has all the charm of a mud slide. For the return trip I took a detour through uptown again. At least half of the ride was cool – even if it was a repeat.