Come here often?

This is not how I envisioned greeting St. Patty’s Day in 2004… up way past my bed time with a serious case of insomnia. Well, while I’m up, what’s new in John’s world? There was another triumphant return to court. Why do I insist on referring to my court days as “triumphant?” To be honest, I haven’t quite figured that one out either. There’s my wife’s increasingly distended abdomen (by the way, she’s positively thrilled that I’m discussing her anatomy with all of you). There’s a whole crap load of administrative hearings coming up on Thursday that I still haven’t prepared for (maybe that’s why I’m still awake?). There’s my Tampa colleague that relies on me to float the whole boat on administrative hearing days. There are the increasing signs that Beth will end up being medicated for some kind of attention disorder.

Then there’s this evening. Much of it was spent reading my own stuff (namely, this blog). I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed reading it. Should I be worried that I entertain myself too easily? Beth went to bed and I spent a pleasant evening bantering with my wife about nothing in particular, in between reading old entries on this blog.

I spend a perfectly good, carefree evening with the family unit, then I go to bed and start dwelling on unpleasantries. In five hours I will be getting up to get ready for work.