Never underestimate the power of a twenty.

My wallet was feeling flush with the unexpected weight of cash. I ran down stairs, to buy my lunch for a change, and whipped out my freshly minted twenty. The first thing I noticed was butterflies. “What the hell are yellow butterflies doing on my twenty dollar bill? Did someone spike my water bottle this morning?” I took a closer look and noticed they weren’t butterflies at all. They were little miniature “20”s in a random flock in the bill’s background. “Maybe I shouldn’t have drank that milk this morning… I thought it smelled a little off…”

Chalk one up to those wiley artists at the treasury.

Half way across the courtyard, still holding my bill in my hand, I was struck with a sense of power. I could feel the raw spending power of a twenty radiating from my bill. Sure, I carry a credit card everywhere I go, but you can’t just give your credit card to anyone (well, you could but it wouldn’t be advisable). Cash on the other hand is universal. With this bill I could buy twenty dollars worth of merchandise (plus tax) anywhere U.S. legal tender is accepted! Take that VISA!

Then I bought my lunch and I was left with only a ten and change.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.