Oh, not this again.

What fiscal quarter would be complete without a discussion about money. It just so happens that we got ours out of the way early this time. It is, after all, the start of the new fiscal quarter.

Cheryl wants to get a van. Mind you, we’re right there in the fiscal margin as it is. The last thing in the world we need right now, fiscally speaking (besides two more kids in day care), is a bigger car payment. The van talk hasn’t gotten serious yet, but that’s of little comfort. Major purchase talk takes off like nobody’s business when it reaches a critical mass, a point from which we may not be all that far. Lord, grant me the strength to say “no.” Then again, the secret may be avoiding The Showroom. One may fairly speculate about pheromones hidden in that “new car smell.” Maybe this is obvious to you, but I’m a little slow on the uptake… could it be that this is the real reason dealerships are in the “service” game? Maybe it’s not because servicing cars is profitable in and of itself, but because it brings people through the showroom on a periodic basis. I can see the research paper now… “A comparison of new car buying habits between those tied to the dealership for service and those with independent mechanics.” I’ll bet there’s even grant money available!

Oh, to be suitably qualified or motivated. Then again, maybe it’s not such
good idea.