On my mind.

There’s this thing that happens when I watch an emotional movie. I am placed in this persisting state, like the movie drove me someplace and dropped me off. Now I’m left to walk back, but it’s going to take a while to get there on foot. More often than not it’s the little, un-expecting flic that takes me there. I’ll be sitting in the family room alone, watching this previously unheard of movie, and it will suck me in unexpectedly. It happens often enough that you would think it would be expected by now. Well this is where I am this afternoon. Cheryl and Beth have gone off to her parent’s house to watch “Cheaper by the Dozen”, leaving me alone until we settle in for our Easter dinner date. I’m still recovering from the Lightning’s loss yesterday so the emotional pump had been primed. What kind of “guy” am I, getting wrapped up in a tear jerker? Why aren’t I doing something more manly? Surely there’s something that needs fixing around the house. I could go out and sweep the gutters. I could get out the tools and take something apart and put it back together, just for the hell of it. I could wipe the hard drive on my computer and reinstall the OS. Ah… no. On second thought that sounds a little too much like crazy Windows talk.