Going from one software package to another can be hell. I’ve done it once already on this thing I don’t really have a name for. Some call them “Weblogs”. Others call them “Blogs” for short. Personally, I hate those names. To me, it just is. Anyway, I’ve had a couple systems for this thing I don’t call a blog. For a while I stuck with vanilla HTML. That was a pain in the keister, let me tell you! Then there was iBlog, which was pretty cool, but importing all of my old HTML files was more work than I’m willing to duplicate. That brings me to today. Do I take the easy way out and just link this page to the old thing I don’t call a blog? Do I look into schemes for importing that, by themselves would be a lot less work, but combined with the research and set up necessary could end up taking just as long as doing it manually?

Once again I find myself at a familiar juncture. That is: do you even care?

I’ve decided I don’t care.

(Does that mean I don’t care if you care, that I don’t care about the import/link decision, or that I just generally don’t care as a matter of overall principle?)