I’m Batman

My house is on a bit of a hill. The front door is approximately four to six feet above street level. As a result, I rarely need reverse to pull out of my driveway. Even better, when my car is backed into the driveway, the driveway serves as a kind of launch pad.

My car is a wee bit smaller than my wife’s car. I drive a two door Civic Coupe. Cheryl drives an SUV. So on one side of my car there’s effectively a wall of metal and glass. On the other side of the driveway there’s a line of shrubs. So, with the visibility afforded by a hedgerow on one side and an SUV on the other, and with the push that you get with a down hill start; whipping out of the driveway and making that sharp turn at the bottom of the hill feels like launching out of the Bat Cave in response to the Bat Signal. It gives pedestrians a real thrill too.

Now all I need is a cape and a deeper voice.