The lure of stimulants, revisited

They say that the effects of alcohol are greater if it is consumed on an empty stomach. Does the same thing apply to caffeine consumption? If your day was really dragging, would you get more bang for your buck by taking your caffeine before you eat rather than after?

Maybe it’s time for a little experiment. No control group for comparison? Heck, no ‘group’ to speak of, other than yourself? Who needs scientific method when you’ve got a bottle of pharmaceutical grade caffeine and a willingness to use it?

Someone is bound to ask whether I’ve been leaning on a caffeinated crutch a little too often lately. One too many trips to that well is bound to leave someone high and dry, and I may not have to look very far to find him. Well, let this be the turning point. Let this be where we face down the encroaching darkness, draw our line in the sand, and defiantly declare, “THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER!”

“Anything worth doing today will still be worth doing tomorrow.”
– excerpt from the procrastinator’s creed.